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1. WeatherNet: Home

  • Providing award winning online weather data, applications, API's, reports & consultancy to UK businesses.

  • Providing award winning online weather data, applications, API’s, reports & consultancy to UK businesses

2. The Weather Network: Weather forecasts, maps, news and videos

  • Find the most current, accurate and reliable weather forecasts and conditions with The Weather Network.

3. National Weather Service

  • Savoy 9.2 609 PM 4/04 WeatherNet6 Hanco*ck 2.0 642 PM 4/04 WeatherNet6 Pittsfield 2.0 553 PM 4/04 WeatherNet6 NEW YORK ...Albany County... Berne 8.5 553 PM 4 ...

  • NOAA National Weather Service

4. WeatherNet - weatherUSA

5. National Weather Service

  • ... WeatherNet6 WeatherNet6 1159 PM Rain Amsterdam 42.95N 74.20W 04/30/2024 M1.05 Inch Montgomery NY WeatherNet6 WeatherNet6 1203 AM Rain Lake Desolation 43.14N ...

  • NOAA National Weather Service

6. WeatherNet: Recognising Weather and Visual Conditions from Street ...

  • In this paper, we presented a novel framework, WeatherNet, to detect and map weather and visual conditions from single-images relying on deep learning and ...

  • Extracting information related to weather and visual conditions at a given time and space is indispensable for scene awareness, which strongly impacts our behaviours, from simply walking in a city to riding a bike, driving a car, or autonomous drive-assistance. Despite the significance of this subject, it has still not been fully addressed by the machine intelligence relying on deep learning and computer vision to detect the multi-labels of weather and visual conditions with a unified method that can be easily used in practice. What has been achieved to-date are rather sectorial models that address a limited number of labels that do not cover the wide spectrum of weather and visual conditions. Nonetheless, weather and visual conditions are often addressed individually. In this paper, we introduce a novel framework to automatically extract this information from street-level images relying on deep learning and computer vision using a unified method without any pre-defined constraints in the processed images. A pipeline of four deep convolutional neural network (CNN) models, so-called WeatherNet, is trained, relying on residual learning using ResNet50 architecture, to extract various weather and visual conditions such as dawn/dusk, day and night for time detection, glare for lighting conditions, and clear, rainy, snowy, and foggy for weather conditions. WeatherNet shows strong performance in extracting this information from user-defined images or video streams that can be used b...

7. RRM from KALY

  • ... WEATHERNET6 "/ .A X4240740 0528 Z DH1026/DVH19/PPV 0.65"LAT=42.36000 LON=-74.05000 FREEHOLD WEATHERNET6 "/ .A X4240732 0528 Z DH1042/DVH20/PPV 0.85"LAT ...

8. National Snow Analyses - NOHRSC

9. IEM :: RRM from NWS ALY - Iowa Environmental Mesonet

  • 29 feb 2024 · ... WeatherNet6 "/ .A X4270731 0229 Z DH1025/DVH3/SFV 0.3"LAT=42.73341 LON=-73.07248 Clarksburg WeatherNet6 "/ .A VT-WH-16 0229 Z DH1042/DVH24 ...

  • RRM issued by NWS ALY at 29 Feb 2024 13:09 UTC

10. NWS Local Storm Reports - Tyler Texas Weather

  • WeatherNet6. DATE 04/04/2024, TIME 10:50 PM, COUNTY Albany, STATE NY, SOURCE WeatherNet6, GEOGRAPHIC 42.66N 73.81W. Lanesborough. Snow MEASURED 5.0 Inch

  • Tyler Texas Weather provides up-to-the minute weather conditions, information, and forecasts, along with various radar images covering Tyler, East Texas, and the US.

11. Strong Winds Usher In Colder Air, But Usher Out Peksy Storm

  • 30 mei 2024 · ... WEATHERNET6 SAUGERTIES 2.99 650 AM 9/29 WEATHERNET6 KINGSTON 1.24 437 AM 9/29 WEATHERNET6. Flooding Video From Bonneauville, PA. Training ...

  • hello and happy Thursday everyone, hope all is well on this 2nd to last day of September. We're finally looking at some change as a small and robust system drop

12. LifestyleGarden Panama 6 Seat Stacking Dining Set – Weathernet

  • Description ... The Panama 6 Seat Stacking Dining Set – Weathernet by Lifestyle Garden is part of their Duraocean range characterised by contempory design and the ...

  • Click now to shop the Panama 6 Seat Stacking Dining Set from Lifestyle Garden available at Shackletons.

13. Snow Reports - NOHRSC - The ultimate source for snow information

  • 3.000, 1.000, 1932, HALCOTT CENTER WEATHERNET6 (X4220745). 42.4194_074.3163, 2023-02-23 03:44, 3.000, 1.000, 2152, GILBOA WEATHERNET6 (X4240743). 42.7800_073.

  • A listing of snowfall, snow water equivalent, or snow depth observations for a given region and date

14. IEM :: LSR from NWS ALY - Iowa Environmental Mesonet

  • 29 feb 2024 · ... WeatherNet6 WeatherNet6 1056 AM Snow Wells 43.44N 74.32W 02/29/2024 M1.0 Inch Hamilton NY WeatherNet6 WeatherNet6 1058 AM Snow ...

  • LSR issued by NWS ALY at 29 Feb 2024 21:32 UTC

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